You have a new product that’s ready to launch, but something’s holding you back. You’re not sure if your product launch marketing ideas will be effective enough. You are concerned that “better” marketing strategies are beyond your budget. You are scared that if you’re not able to generate enough buzz for your new product, it will fail even before it had the chance to.

You have the right to be afraid. According to the Insights Association, 60% of new product launch ideas never make it to market. Of the 40% that do, only 60% are able to generate enough revenue to become commercially viable. Other studies found that between 30% to 80% of new products fail, depending on the industry.

Pretty scary stats, right? But don’t let them prevent you from putting your new product out into the world. I’m here to tell you that it is possible to effectively launch your product and promote without spending a huge chunk from your product marketing campaign budget.

1. Start a blog and write guest posts

A blog is a very valuable resource for your product launching and marketing. It’s a great avenue to educate your target audience about your product or brand. You can feature important details in the blogs such as

the benefits of having your product,
discussing what it can do for its consumers,
informing why people need your product
promoting public awareness of the benefits of having your product.

It’s also an effective platform for creating a big buzz about your product launch and publish useful updates and milestones stories throughout, from product promotions to launching and even up to marketing. To sustain public interest in your product you must:

Update your blog regularly (at least once a week) with many details about the product. In your blog, share info and photos during the product’s development and let your target audiences know the stages you have successfully reached while in the process. Include this development documentation as part of the product launching event. You can also blog or post one product feature every week until the much-awaited product launching to keep your audience interested.
Always share your blog posts with your mailing list, social media followers and key influencers in your industry.
A good example is the California-based Mayfield Robotics. They started a dedicated blog that provided updates on their latest product, Kuri. They showcased the adorable domestic robot recently in Las Vegas at the CES, (Consumer Electronics Show). Through Kuri’s Blog, they updated the readers on media mentions, Kuri’s product developments, and the heads up on the product launch. They even provided readers with insights into the robot’s design concepts by presenting an interview with the animation designer.

Complement your blogs by guest posting. This is a very effective promotion strategy. Guest posting in a reputable website or blog site is a great way to grab higher audience attention and reaching out readers who have not heard your brand.

Popular web and blog sites already have large, established audiences. Occasionally contributing relevant posts to these sites is likely to attract more audience who will be interested in your product.

Niche sites guest posting is another clever idea. Write a number of niche articles and pitch them to the publishers and editors of the different websites and media platforms of your target audience. These specific site guest posting can help win more targeted consumers. Guest posts need not be too marketing oriented or too promoting. Informative, formal yet entertaining posts will attract more readers and has higher chances of being shared and endorsed by readers thus enhancing your credibility.

You can mention your new product in a guest post or contributing article. Occasional product mention in guest blogs promotes more excitement, intrigue, and interest to the readers compared to what frequent advertising or promotions do. Readers tend to scour articles with the features they’ll find useful and beneficial for their need. Most readers can sense plain marketing and promotions hype and difference from a genuine and authentic product promotion and review.

Guest posts are a great avenue to win valuable backlinks too. Backlinks are crucial in boosting your product’s search ranking. Guest posting implicitly hits two goals in one action.

An excellent example of this product launching strategy is the Chapman Lever of Rigor’s promotion of the team’s ebook on GIF optimization. By pitching in occasional posts to Moz discussing useful tips to improve site performance when GIFs professional digital marketing are used, he was able to provide the readers with a thorough guide on the effective use of GIFs. It then gave the Chapman lever team the credibility and the opportunity to invite the readers or audience to download the free ebook became a much-awaited announcement.

2. Get Influencers to Review Your Product

A lot of people tend to look for proofs, guarantee or reputable endorsement before patronizing a new product, service, player, innovator or brand. Oftentimes they dismiss the popularity claimed by market newcomers and challenge the marketing hype surrounding these upcomers. Most of the new introductions are eyed on but with skepticism. However, the present day audience doesn’t just wait for things to happen. They act right away — seek product reviews from online sources or look for product endorsement from endorsers of good reputation.

These endorsers are known nowadays as influencers. They possess the popularity, credibility and oftentimes, authority to assess and give influencing reviews to a product. They are charismatic personalities who can effectively influence the public for a product’s acceptability and endorsement to the consuming public is first nature to them.

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